Webinar: Using VICE DESeq2 for RNA-Seq Differential Expression Analysis

Friday, November 8

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About the Webinar:

As RNA sequencing becomes more affordable, differential expression analyses, which offer invaluable insights into intrinsic cellular processes and stochastic gene expression in biological and biomedical research, have become popular. In this webinar, University of Arizona doctoral candidate Sateesh Peri demonstrates how to use two handy new apps in the CyVerse Discovery Environment: the Read Mapping and Transcript Assembly (RMTA) app and the DESeq2 app (RStudio). For anyone doing RNA-Seq differential expression analyses, using these apps in CyVerse's Visual Interactive Computing Environment (VICE) enables you to easily launch RStudio, have quick access to your Data Store files, and interact with your analyses on the fly.

About the Presenter:

Sateesh PeriSateesh Peri is a genetics doctoral candidate in the Lyons Lab at CyVerse headquarters at the University of Arizona, where he investigates lncRNAs. Sateesh holds master’s degrees in molecular biology from Manipal University in India and biology from the University of Nevada, and has been a certified carpentry instructor since 2018. He has also worked as a research associate doing clinical diagnosis, before he transitioned to pursue his passion for software bioinformatics.