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Data Life Cycle Services

Data — yours, your collaborators’, the community’s — is the backbone of computational science. CyVerse’s key services for managing the entire data life cycle, from storage to analysis to publication to reuse and sharing, let’s you manage all your data in one place. Explore how the Data Store, Data Commons and Discovery Environment support each step of your research, whether it’s bulk uploading of raw data, or interacting with and visualizing your data during analysis, or assigning permanent identifiers so others can find, access and reuse your data, Cyverse makes data management easy.

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Webinar: Don't Let Your Data Drag You Down

Friday, November 22

Datasets are becoming larger and more complicated, and many funders are beginning to require open data. CyVerse's data management expert will take you through key features of the CyVerse platform that support managing your data throughout the entire data life cycle – all in one place!

Webinar: Using VICE DESeq2 for RNA-Seq Differential Expression Analysis

Friday, November 8

Are you interested in doing RNA-Seq differential expression analyses? Learn how you can easily launch RStudio, have quick access to your Data Store files, and interact with your analyses on the fly.


Researchers 'Light Up' the Plant Tree of Life

In the largest plant genome project to date, an international consortium of researchers generated gene sequences from more than 1,100 species, providing a framework for 1 billion years of green plant evolution. The data are available in the CyVerse Data Commons.

CyVerse ‘Power User’ Joins Boyce Thompson Institute

Andrew Nelson is one of three from among over 100 applicants invited to join the prestigious Boyce Thompson Institute, which touted his bioinformatics expertise, a skill he’s gained through his work with CyVerse.


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Visual Interactive Computing Environment (VICE)

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