Science APIs

CyVerse provides programmatic access to its services through multiple APIs (application programming interfaces), access points with various levels of complexity, documentation, and reliability. They are the foundation for most of the code that powers our products, including the Discovery Environment and Atmosphere, ranging from a highly-structured and complete API like Agave to minimally documented ad hoc solutions. By collecting all existing resources under a single point of entry, with common features like secure authentication and authorization, CyVerse's Science APIs help you do science your way.


About the Science APIs

You can request clients for available APIs so that you can implement CyVerse's science APIs programmatically. Once approved to use the client (usually within two business days), you receive an email with an auto-generated key and secret code, which can be regenerated if necessary.

To learn how to register an API client for your account and search for users with full REST API, see Using CyVerse API Clients. Accepted HTTP methods are GET, POST, and PUT.

Key Features

  • Developers of external APIs will be able to register their resources to provide additional functionality. The single point of orchestration also acts as a workflow engine capable of terabyte-scale file transfers, mediation, and integration of disparate resources running on multiple systems.

  • The Science APIs will include a Software Development Kit (SDK) with clear and reliable documentation and software libraries for the most common languages (e.g., Python, R, Java, Perl, etc.).

  • Developers and bioinformaticians can build applications using pieces of CyVerse cyberinfrastructure with minimal effort and without the need to study the technical and implementation details of every component. This facilitates the development of community-specific, or even project-specific or lab-specific, computational platforms.

Underlying the rich, domain-specific middleware layer driving the CyVerse cyberinfrastructure is a low-level, HTTP- and command-line level API that provides fine-grained access to the storage, authentication, data manipulation, and storage infrastructure maintained by CyVerse. The CyVerse IO service API enables asynchronous movement of file data into and out of the CyVerse cyberinfrastructure.

Because the Agave API runs in the cloud as a hosted, multi-tenant service, there is nothing to install. Features include:

  • Define your own compute and storage resources so you can interact with the resources you already have, as well as with the ones provided by Agave.

  • Build up your own app store of scientific codes and workflows and share them with anyone.

  • Leverage Agave’s performance as the nation's fastest, high-speed networks to move your data as fast as physics allow.

  • Concerned about security? Agave gives you the flexibility to interact with your data and computation without ever leaving your own network.