Data Commons

A cloud-based resource for searchable, discoverable, computable, and reusable data. 

The Data Commons is CyVerse's commitment to supporting open, reproducible science and the FAIR data principles by helping users to access, create, manage, curate, publish, discover, and reuse data on the Data Store. Unlike most repositories, where data can become stagnant and siloed from other cyberinfrastructure services, data in the Data Commons is easily accessible for analysis in any of the CyVerse platforms, such as the Discovery Environment/VICE, CACAO, or Science APIs.

Data Commons Logo

The Data Commons not only provides ways to publish your data, but supports data management throughout the data life cycle, both pre- and post-publication. This includes championing activities like using ontologies and community standards for metadata, enhanced data searching based on full-text indexing, and managing research projects. 

Review the Data Commons User Agreement and the CyVerse Data Policy to get a full view of how to manage your data in CyVerse and to learn about the different options for publishing data through CyVerse.

Getting Started

Key Features

  • Browse or download public data without a user account

  • Helps make your data more FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable)

  • Facilitates Open Science practices

  • Includes CyVerse Curated Data that are stable and have been issued a permanent Digital Object Identifier (DOI), as well as Community Released Data managed by community members (and that may or may not be stable or permanent)

  • Ability to publish your data to the Data Commons Portal or to NCBI (SRA or WGS)