AG2PI: Foundations of Computation for Biologists

January 19, 21 & 22, 2021 | Virtual Workshop

8am – 1pm Pacific | 9am – 2pm Mountain | 10am – 3pm Central | 11am – 4pm Eastern 

This course is designed for introducing computational concepts for people who are new to scientific programming or those who would like a refresher on introductory concepts. We will cover the CyVerse computational resources, Unix command line, and introductory programming concepts and best practices.


This Workshop Is Filled


Day 1     Intro to CyVerse
Day 2     Command Line
Day 3     Programming concepts


About AG2PI

To achieve sustainable genetic improvements of agricultural species, the expertise of a broad community of agricultural researchers must be engaged from both crop and livestock communities. This includes integrative disciplines such as life science, breeders, engineers, data scientists, economists, and social scientists. The overall objective of the Agriculture Genome to Phenome Initiative (AG2PI) is to assemble and prepare a transdisciplinary community to conduct AG2P research.

About CyVerse

CyVerse, a research cyberinfrastructure for all life sciences, is by design capable of enabling data-intensive scientific discovery, providing services and resources for storing, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing your research using AOP data.