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Aug 26 2014
Genomics researchers, using iPlant resources, have helped unravel the genetic code of the rapeseed plan, whose seeds are used to make canola oil.
Aug 25 2014
iPlant Discovery Environment Maintenance on Tuesday, August 26, 8AM - 5PM MST
Aug 13 2014
International Science Grid This Week (isgtw) features the accomplishments of the SoyKB-iPlant collaboration.
Aug 11 2014
The Green Line provides an easy “on ramp” to biological supercomputing. Learn more!
Aug 07 2014
[UPDATED: MAINTENANCE HAS CONCLUDED] Atmosphere will undergo maintenance on Thursday, August 7 beginning 9AM EDT.
Aug 01 2014
ASPB Blog features the Next Generation Sequencing Workshop organized by USDA's David Horvath that include Jason Williams, Nicole Hopkins, and Christos Noutsos of iPlant.
Jul 28 2014
Tucson Cloud provider within Atmosphere will undergo maintenance on Tuesday, July 29, 10AM - 8PM, EDT.
Jun 23 2014
Scientists at the University of California, Davis, and the Center for Sustainable Resource Science in Yokohama, Japan, have used a combination of elegant bioinformatic and experimental work to provide insights into the genetic basis of the evolution of different leaf shapes. The authors, Yasunori Ichihashi, José Antonio Aguilar-Martínez, Moran Farhi, Daniel H. Chitwood, Ravi Kumar, Lee V. Millon, Jie Peng, Julin N. Maloof, and Neelima R. Sinha, identified a gene network and teased apart its regulatory cascade in three tomato species to reveal how regulation of KNOX homeobox genes has changed over the course of plant evolution, resulting in the variation in leaf shape seen today.
Jun 18 2014
Multiple iPlant systems will undergo maintenance on Wednesday, June 25
Jun 10 2014
A one-day hands-on workshop on leveraging High Performance Computing (HPC) resources for Big Data management will be held between October 27 to October 30, 2014 in Washington D.C. This workshop is collocated with the 2014 IEEE Big Data conference. The target audience includes, but is not limited to, archivists, librarians, data curators, researchers, educators and students.