News & Features

Oct 07 2015
UA scientists have illuminated the evolutionary history of dopamine, the ‘happiness molecule.’
Sep 23 2015
VIDEO: iPlant Co-PI Nirav Merchant appears on Arizona Horizon to discuss a recent NSF grant, Syndicate.
Sep 17 2015
iPlant and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center team up to train undergraduate faculty in RNA-seq.
Sep 08 2015
A NSF grant of $3.8 million will fund a data storage platform enabled by the iPlant Collaborative.
Aug 28 2015
Work with expert iPlant staff members to address the computational needs of your research project.
Aug 25 2015
Representatives of the iPlant Collaborative attended the Ecological Society of America’s centennial conference, where big data is a blossoming topic in ecology discussions.
Aug 21 2015
Too much of a gene called N-Ras may cause aggressive breast cancer.
Aug 18 2015
The Indiana University Department of Biology hosted a Bioinformatics clinic which included instruction on iPlant services.
Aug 11 2015
A research team will use the iPlant Collaborative’s big data management tools to unravel the secrets of little-understood lncRNA molecules, which may be involved in cellular regulation.
Aug 05 2015
BMS Developer Community: The IBP works closely with the Lawrence Lab (Iowa State University) and the iPlant Collaborative under the Genomes to Fields project to improve breeding data management