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Webinar: CyVerse Features for FAIR Data 

November 5, 2021 | Virtual

10 am Pacific ♦ 11 am Mountain  ♦ 12 noon Central  ♦ 1 pm Eastern 


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About the Webinar

As advocates for Collaborative Open Science, CyVerse makes it easy for researchers to make their data more FAIR. From what a Digital Object Identifier is and how to get one, to finding and using metadata templates to licensing options and what the Data Commons is, please join us as CyVerse Science Analyst Amanda Cooksey walks through features in CyVerse for making your data more Findable, more Accessible, more Interoperable, and more Reusable (and it does not involve cardboard boxes!). 

What You'll Learn

  • How to use features built in to CyVerse to make your data more FAIR
  • Why you and your data should have a Permanent Identifier (PID)
  • Licensing options for reusability

About the Presenter

Amanda Cooksey photoAmanda Cooksey did her Master's in Cell Biology at Mississippi State University and now does research in plant and animal proteomics and transcriptomics (both mRNA and ncRNA) with her collaborators at the University of Arizona's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. At CyVerse, she integrates new tools and creates new apps for the Discovery Environment, and does a lot of heavy lifting on user support and documentation.