For Students

As data collection technologies become ever faster and more powerful, scientists who develop their computational skills will have an advantage in data-intensive fields of study. Gain an edge in your computational science, genetics, and informatics classes by learning to use state-of-the-art tools for data analysis and visualization, or advance your thesis project by easily and quickly running large-scale analyses on your datasets.

CyVerse has a variety of tools that help you learn the skills you need to do data-intensive science efficiently.

DNA Subway

DNA Subway makes high-level genome analysis broadly available to students and educators, and provides easy access to the types of data and informatics tools that drive modern biology. Using the intuitive metaphor of a subway map, DNA Subway organizes research-grade bioinformatics analysis tools into logical workflows and presents them in an appealing interface. By “riding” different lines users can:

  • Predict and annotate genes in up to 150,000 base pairs of DNA sequence (Red Line)
  • Prospect entire plant genomes for related genes and sequences (Yellow Line)
  • Determine sequence relationships, view phylogenetic trees, and analyze "DNA barcodes" (Blue Line)
  • Analyze RNA-Seq data for differential expression (Green Line)

Read about teaching DNA Subway to high school students here and a PDF about DNA Subway on the wiki here.

CyVerse Academy Student Projects

While the CyVerse Academy is primarily a platform to support faculty in using CyVerse infrastructure components in their teaching, the Student Projects section offers students the opportunity to showcase their work to a broad international community of the next generation of scientists and developers. Projects may be presented in various different formats and may consist of ongoing or completed work.

CyVerse Wiki

​The CyVerse wiki is a repository of educational material created by and for the community. CyVerse users as well as CyVerse staff contribute to information stored on the wiki. Through the dashboard and search functions, you can find information on the wide variety of capabilities CyVerse enables. Learn more about the CyVerse wiki here.