Testimonials from FOSS Alumni

“I went to FOSS as a molecular biologist equipped with only a decent understanding of Excel and the goal of doing my own data analysis. FOSS definitely brought informatics into an approachable realm – I'm now comfortable learning new computational strategies on my own, reaching out to others to find help when needed, coding in R, and navigating Stack Overflow like a boss!”

– Rebecca Murphy
Chair and Assoc. Professor
Department of Biology
Centenary College of Louisiana

"The FOSS instructors were great! Knowledgeable, helpful, and communicated very effectively with an open science novice like me. After FOSS, I'm able to improve the reproducibility of my students' data analyses and teach data management more confidently. I'm starting to incorporate open science into my courses to bring them into the 21st century."

– Elena Ortiz
Professor of Biosciences
Maricopa Community Colleges