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September 13 Webinar: Genome Assembly Using a NanoDJ Notebook in CyVerse

September 13th, 2019


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About the Webinar:

Following our introductory webinar on how to use Nanopore technology and CyVerse tools to generate and initially process raw sequence data, join us for a step-by-step demonstration of how to use Notebooks to analyze data without the need to build a complete software environment. This webinar is aimed especially at users with little experience in command line interface.

Genome assembly is useful in the context of clinical sequencing and species/strain discovery. This webinar, presented by Hernández-Beeftink, one of the creators of NanoDJ, will offer theoretical and practical information on how to handle the data generated by Nanopore devices, specifically for the reconstruction of a genome. Tamara will discuss preprocessing steps, how to obtain additional information about the process, representation and general interpretation of bacterial genome assemblies. Visit the CyVerse Learning Center for a quick start guide to using NanoDJ in CyVerse.

About the Presenter:

Tamara Hernández-Beeftink is a doctoral candidate in Health Sciences at Universidad de La Laguna, Spain. She is one of the authors of NanoDJ and is now focusing on the identification of genetics factors involved in the aggravation of sepsis.