Tackling Big Data Challenges in Bioscience

In February during the AAAS 2015 Annual Meeting, the UK's Biotechnology and biological Science Research Council (BBSRC) announced that The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC) with partner Institutes had been awarded £6 million for three joint projects to tackle bioscience big data challenges:

1) Big Data Infrastructure for Crop Genomics

2) iPlant UK – creating a cyber-infrastructure for plant sciences

3) Establishing the infrastructure for functional annotation of farmed animal genomes

The second project, iPlant UK, was born out of a cooperative effort between staff at the iPlant Collaborative and UK scientists, and will be iPlant's first international node.

The University of Dundee will lead a 4th project to develop an open-source repository for scientific image data.

Biological discovery is increasingly driven by technologies such as high-throughput genomic analysis and next generation biological imaging. These methods generate massive amounts of data, for which the new funding will improve storage and curation, enabling untold scientific discoveries.

Read about the three projects being led by TGAC here.