Webinar: Transcriptomics with Non-model Organisms

March 24, 2017     1 PM EDT, noon CDT, 11 AM MDT, 10 AM PDT and most of Arizona

This webinar presents a non-model organism de novo transcriptomics workflow that allows researchers to leverage advanced computational resources such as HPC and cloud computing to carry out pairwise comparative transcriptomics. The workflow also serves as a primer for biologists to develop data scientist computational skills, e.g. executing bash commands, visualization and management of large datasets. Differential gene expression analysis is conducted through pairwise comparisons; multiple factors can be tested but they will output as multiple pairwise comparisons. All command line code and further explanations of each command or step can be found online at: https://wiki.cyverse.org/wiki/x/JgyEAQ.



Focus Forum webinars are offered on various topics and are designed to enhance users' experience with CyVerse tools and platforms. They give users an opportunity to interact with CyVerse staff and community members to learn about new tools, discuss "best practices" for performing analyses and troubleshooting any potential difficulties, and connect with the community. During the year, topics may focus on any CyVerse science area or service, or using and developing any platform. Users may suggest and vote for webinar topics through the Ask Forum.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is open to people who are using the CyVerse resources and want to learn more about the specific topic. Users are encouraged to post questions and problems encountered to the Ask Forum for discussion during the webinar.

About the Presenter

Blake Joyce earned his Ph.D. in Plants, Soil, and Insects at the University of Tennessee. Blake's background is primarily focused in plant molecular biology and biotechnology with emphasis in metabolic pathway engineering and functional characterization. His current interests include integrating high-throughput phenotyping data with genetic and climatic data, creating workflows for comparative transcriptomics in non-model organisms, and identifying how genome structure and evolutionary history of plants have affected metabolic pathways. He has special interest in interdisciplinary collaborations, which have led to working with mechanical engineers, organic chemists, ecologists, and biophysicists. Additionally, he is committed to education and training other biologists to be data scientists. Blake has taught Software Carpentry workshops as well as courses in introductory biology, ecology, and agricultural classes as an Adjunct Professor. CyVerse science informatician Blake Joyce

Primary Contact: 

Martha Narro - CyVerse

End date: 
Friday, March 24, 2017 - 14:00