Request for Community Released Data Folders

Community Released data folders are intended for collaborative projects that are producing public datasets that are growing or changing frequently, or that do not need long-term preservation. Along with CyVerse Curated Community Released data folders are part of the Data Commons. Unlike CyVerse Curated data, Community Released datasets do not have permanent identifiers and remain under the control of community members. For more information on storing and sharing data in CyVerse, including full definitions of different data types, please see our Data Policy and Data Commons User Agreement

Community Released data folders may contain some private data (visible only to the owner or community members), but the bulk of the data should be public.

Individuals or groups can request Community Released data folders, but at least one owner must be specified.

Community Released data folders must include metadata describing the contents. Before submitting your request, see the wiki page on Preparing Community Released Data Folders.


To request a Community Released data folder, please provide the following information:

If no, person who will be the owner of the folder:

Data Management Plan: