Register: CyVerse Data Carpentry and Tools and Services Workshop, NM State University - August 28-30, 2017

Please Note:

  • CyVerse workshops are free.

  • You will need an CyVerse account to participate in the workshop and complete this form. Get your free account at user.CyVerse.org

  • Workshop will be held in a computer lab space. You may elect to bring a laptop. We will communicate about specifications (minimally, a web browser, and installation privileges - most work will be done online and will not demand a very fancy computer).

  • All agendas are subject to change; workshops are contingent upon minimum enrollment:

    • Day 1/2 - CyVerse Genomics Data Carpentry Workshop

    • Day 3 - Introduction to CyVerse tools and science workflows

  • Attendees are responsible for all travel arrangements.

  • Contact 411@cyverse.org for any questions

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