Increase Your Data Store Allocation

The default data storage allocation on CyVerse is 100GB and is intended for active data being analyzed. Any data you own or share with other users counts towards your allocation, including Community Released data in folders that you own. Data that others share with you and data published to the CyVerse Curated folders of the Data Commons does not count as part of your allocation.

If you need more data storage for personal or shared use of a folder that already exists (i.e., your home folder or a Community Released data folder you own), use this form.

If you need an allocation for a new Community Released data folder, please use the Request for Community Released Data Folder form to request an increased allocation at the same time as the folder.

Review process:

  • 100GB-2TB, review level 1, usually completed within two business days
  • 2TB+, review level 2, usually completed within two weeks


To apply for an increased data allocation in the Data Store, please provide the following information:

Data Management Plan: